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Starter Kit (2-Part & UV Resin)


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Product Description

If new to Craft Kitsune. ships with your first subscription box.

If a current subscriber, ships with your next box.

All the tools and supplies needed to make your first 2-Part and UV resin crafts. Very useful for working with future Craft Kitsune boxes as well. Create a sakura ring dish with 2-Part resin and jewelry pendants with UV resin. New to resin crafting? No problem! There is a detailed instruction brochure with each kit.

Ships within 3 business days of your sign-up. Get to work crafting with Craft Kitsune right away! No need to wait for your first subscription kit.

Included Supplies: • Clear UV Resin, 25mL • 2-Part 1:1 Ratio Resin, 60mL • USB Mini UV Lamp, 6W • Silicone Mold - Sakura Trinket Dish • Silicone Molds - 5 Pendant Shapes • Silicone Work Mat • 100mL Silicone Measuring Cup • Mini Silicone Mixing Bowl • Pigment Ink - Opaque White • Pigment Ink -Transparent Pink • 3-piece Set of Gem Topped Tools (Needle, Spoon, and Spreader) • Sakura Shape Glitter • Sakura Keychain (Silver or Gold Color Selected at Random) • Popsicle Sticks

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