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UV Resin KIt: FairyTale Snoopy


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Product Description

This product will ship separately unless ordered within 3 business days of your monthly kit going out (if you are a current subscriber)

Imported from Japan. All instructions are in Japanese but with plenty of easy-to-follow images. You can also use a translating app on your phone (such as Google Translate). This will allow you to take a picture of the instructions and translate to English.

Includes: Woodstock silicone mold, 3 coloring powders, glitter, pink crushed shells, Snoopy theme metal embellishments (3 styles), beads, gold headpins, rhinestones and microbeads, gold ball chain, gold jump rings, star keychain with pink strap,, gold Snoopy head closed bezel, Woodstock and heart open bezel, and design film.

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