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Felt Kit: Cute Mascots


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Product Description

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Easy to make with pre-cut felt! A kit for making cute mascot animals.

This specialty felt glue is very useful with this kit

Overall size of each finished project:

MTM-1: (approx.) W11 x H9 cm

MTM-2: (approx.) W9 x H10 cm

MTM-3: (approx.) W12 x H7 cm

MTM-4: (approx.) W9 x H6 cm

MTM-5: (approx.) W8 x H6 .5cm

MTM-6: (approx.) W9 x H7.5cm

Kit contents: die-cut felt, embroidery thread, cotton wadding, double ring for attaching ball chain, ball chain, instructions on how to make (in Japanese).

- Die-cut felt

You will need: scissors, sewing needle, and pliers.

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