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November 2021: Amber


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Product Description

The November 2021 Craft Kitsune kit.

Included Supplies:

Exclusive insect silicone mold (1/2 scale)

◦ Geode shape silicone mold

◦1:1 ratio epoxy resin

◦Clear UV resin

◦Dried leaf assortment

◦Copper foil flakes

◦Iridescent film

◦Transparent pigment - Amber

◦Black craft wire, 0.3mm x 10m

Make 1:2 scale dragonflies, luna moths, and butterflies.

Cavities on exclusive mold: Butterfly Wings (cut-out style), Butterfly Wings (solid style), Dragonfly Wings, Luna Moth Wings, and 2 Insect Bodies.

Each wing set has both sides & is curved to fit along the body in multiple positions (example: flapping, flat, etc).

Encase your creations in resin tinted with the amber pigment & copper flakes to create realistic-looking amber pieces.

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