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Products / Subscriber Only Add-On: Kitsune & Dragon Coasters

Subscriber Only Add-On: Kitsune & Dragon Coasters


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Product Description

Set of 2 coaster molds - Kitsune & Dragon designs. The March kit includes the phoenix & alicorn coasters. Purchasing this listing will give you the full set of 4 mythical designs by my sibling- @aether.jay.

Note: this listing is for subscribers receiving the March kit only. Both molds will ship with the March kit. On March 1st, orders for this add-on will be linked to your March box shipment. If you are not a subscriber for the Jane. box, your order for this mold set will be cancelled & refunded.

Save 40% off list price & receive free shipping when adding this mold onto your box! Each coaster design will by sold for $12.99 individually the one-time shop after March 4th.

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